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Friday, November 5th 2004

11:13:52 PM (4278 days, 22h, 11min ago)

the site will be back around Christmass/ il sito ritornerà verso Natale


 Kagome has told me that:

Inuyasha No Uchi site will be back around Christmas ( ... a Christmas gift ... )

 but the new site will start brand new, an empty site

 (the conversion form old site system would have been too difficult! )


Hari Seldon



 Kagome mi ha detto che:

 il sito Inuyasha No Uchi tornerà verso Natale ( ... un regalo di Natale ...)

 ma il nuovo sito comincerà completamente nuovo, un sito vuoto

(la conversione dal sistema del vecchio sito sarebbe stata troppo difficile)

Hari Seldon

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Posted by Destiny 4 the Dead:

So there is no possible way you can get our old fanfics or sigs or even names back?
So I will have to get a new screen name and my entire fanfic will be gone, is that what ur saying?
Maybe the other people out there don't agree, but I think when you host a major website with mass numbers of people on it, when you want to renovate, you do it little by little so as not to intterupt the normal flow of the site for the most part. And when people have worked really hard on something (like making a good fanfic, or getting a lot of members in there fanclub, it isn't a very good idea on the hosts part to go and erase all the hard work 4 a supposedly better site! Its not better, because all the stuff thats been accumulated will be delted. I know I won't be coming to InuYashas no Uchi as much anymore! I'm going to go to inuyashaworld. I hope trust them not to delete everything that everyone has posted. Most of u r happy inuyasha.net is coming back. don't you relize nothing u or anyone else did will be there?
Saturday, November 6th 2004 @ 04:50:33 AM (4278 days, 16h, 34min ago)

Posted by Evan Mckinney:

regardless of the fact that you people should have a responsibility to the site members to retrieve all the old stuff, i think that we should just thank god you are comming back. i almost lost my mind waiting for the day you would be back and now i know when that day is. i thank you all for being lazy and not getting the old stuff back cause now we all get to experiance the birth and life of the site and make it better then the orignal. o:) thank you.
Saturday, November 6th 2004 @ 06:47:08 PM (4278 days, 2h, 37min ago)

Posted by sexy:

inuyasha rocks but he is to shy (kiss kagoma)
i mean wut would u do if u!:P
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 04:37:28 AM (4277 days, 16h, 47min ago)

Posted by Dum~Inu_yasha:

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!ENCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 04:45:59 AM (4277 days, 16h, 39min ago)

Posted by animebrat:

hey! i can't believe its finally going to be coming back yup :) i have been so bored without it....and for those people that are complaining about getting a new sn and losing there fics and crap....well you should have been smart enough to save your fanfics on your computer and if you didn't you deserve for them to be lost....ok well thats all i have to say.....ttyl...
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 05:11:56 AM (4277 days, 16h, 13min ago)

Posted by natalie:

hope that your site comes back online!! it was a really great site!:)it convinced me to really really like inuyasha a lot i 've bought 6 inuyasha books, one wall scroll poster,the 1st movie,1 dvd,get the game for ps1 and wait every week 4 a new episode of inuyasha!!!!!!!
Sunday, November 7th 2004 @ 04:11:13 PM (4277 days, 5h, 13min ago)

Posted by ???:

I find it nice to hear that we can finally have inuyasha.net back, but untill i see it i won't believe it. you can all blindly buy into the false hope but i have more comman sense than that. besids, i hear that it was a hacker that crashed the site and fucked it all up, so the hole "renovating the site" thing is bull shit. now then, moving right along we can also see that it really wouldnt be that hard to get the old stuff back because if the site was still in any way operational they could have it right there to get, but the old one is dead and gone. now i have the chanse to snag a good name befor all the cool ones are taken, so see you all around, bitches!
Monday, November 8th 2004 @ 02:38:21 AM (4276 days, 18h, 46min ago)

Posted by Hari Seldon:

Answer to "???" :

> the hole "renovating the site" thing is bull shit [...]
> we can also see that it really wouldnt be that hard to get
> the old stuff back

It's hard indeed: As you stated

> i hear that it was a hacker that crashed the site

so Kagome has changed script system to a safer one.
But new system is not compatible with the old one.

Se looked for information on how to convert the old data ...

well, I have not to write it again, you can find explanations at

1- "a message from webmistress Kagome / un messaggio dalla webmistress Kagome "
post in this blog

2- Kagome's 1st message in temporary forum
"Welcome! (by Kagome), from our Webmistress"

If you think you can be helpfull in restore old date, let us known ...
instead of to dreaming up false conjectures (If you can not understand how things are going, you can ask ...)
and then writing coarse language invective founded on them

post scriptum:
I will not stand coarse language any more ...
Monday, November 8th 2004 @ 03:51:59 PM (4276 days, 5h, 33min ago)

Posted by MOrbidly Obese man:

*sigh* My computer had a head crash because my dad got mad at it.(long story short--hammer plus momentum at computer =not good) My back-up files for my fanfics were destoyed faster than an ice cube in hell, and now I've lost them. I guess I'll just harm my father now, stupid.....thingy.
Monday, November 8th 2004 @ 10:22:53 PM (4275 days, 23h, 2min ago)

Posted by Suna:

I don't mind the site coming back up, or the wait, but my computer was just terminated by some worm and all my fanfics were ruined. I was hoping the site would still have my stories...but I guess it's okay. :-( Just one question to everyone who reads this.... Should anyone have saved any Fanfic by KougasgirlSuna, such as Mark or any others, please,please,please send them to Demon_CatCelestial@yahoo.com. At least then I can continue the fanfic, because I don't know where I left off.... Anyways, good luck with rebuilding the site. Your getting a lot of crap from other people, but as long as your really working on it and not lazing around, you don't need it. Loosing an entire website to a hacker, or whatever is bull crappola enough. You don't need crappola from other people too. Bai bai, can't wait to see the site! :)
Monday, November 8th 2004 @ 11:20:16 PM (4275 days, 22h, 4min ago)

Posted by ???:

To:Man and SUNA


TO:Hari Seldon:


moderator (Hari Seldon) note:
some parts of this message has been removed, because they were _totaly_ off-topic, they included coarse language, and they were exclusively offensive and insulting

p.s.: I'm very surprised!
I have never thought that someone can do this.
and, moslty, I can not understand why "???" does this way. "???" , if you do not like someting, let's talk about it ... shooting (groundless) invectives is no sense.

p.s.: further coarse language and insulting messages will simply be ingored (by me and -I hope- by other users)
Tuesday, November 9th 2004 @ 03:13:30 AM (4275 days, 18h, 11min ago)

Posted by Rachel:

That means Im gonna lose all my stories *cries* though I will be happy to get the site back. I used to spend sooo much time there
Tuesday, November 9th 2004 @ 05:20:41 PM (4275 days, 4h, 4min ago)

Posted by ???:

to: Rachel.

I don't know why, but i'm showing caring here. i am very sorry for YOUR fanfics being lost. Thats is really sAd, but it will eveNtuAlly all work out i gueSS.
Thursday, November 11th 2004 @ 06:09:02 AM (4273 days, 15h, 16min ago)

Posted by Kagome (webmistress):

Message for "Destiny 4 the Dead" and all those who think that having their stories back is a right.

So, as far as I'm concerned, the Inuyasha.net website is a free website, where you can post your stories and receive feedback and everything. You don't have to pay to register and to post stories to the website, nor have you to do any more work than copy and paste your writing into a box and update.

Instead, working at the website is longer than a full time job, and it's NOT paid. I had put a "donation" paypal button to see if some of the users were generous enough to give some money to support the site (which costs me A LOT OF MONEY that I won't ever see again, only for something I give to you by FREE. And I underline the FREE), but what I have received from the very few generous supporters (who will be rewarded in the new system with a special status in the forum) is too cheap even to pay *one month* of hosting.

That said, I DO have a backup of the whole database, which I luckily saved every day (even this, by my side, without any work by your side and without being paid for the countles nights I spent at the computer, without sleeping or doing the things I COULD do, like going out with friends or have a life). I was trying to give you back the stories and the usernames, but the new scripts I'm using aren't compatible with the old one. Therefore, I'd need to edit BY HAND any single line of the database and paste the new code into the new database. This would require MONTHS to a person who has a full time job (I work 44 hours at week, and I need the job to pay the rent of my house and to pay the bill for Inuyasha.net too, because, as I stated already, the very kind people who sent a small donation were so few that wouldn't have paid even for one month of hosting).

The question is: do you want to have the site back empty at Christmas, or do you prefer having the site back something around 2007/2010 (how much it would require to me to put the whole o
Monday, November 15th 2004 @ 03:40:28 AM (4269 days, 17h, 44min ago)

Posted by Kagome (webmistress):

old database into the new one) and have all your things back?

What I wanted to do -- but might not to, because of these very rude people who answered beforehand -- was giving to you the possibility to send me a PM and give me your old username, so that I could find your story again and send it back to you. This, of course, in the sole eventuality you had lost all your stuff like Rachel did. But this, of course, would be valid only for nice people who are waiting calmly and reply to the messages politely. The rude ones can ask me the files CALMLY AND GENTLY and I MIGHT be able to find them and give them back. But ONLY if they ask politely.

furthermore, answer to "??????" of Monday, November 8th 2004 @ 2:38 AM:

Yes, it has been a hacker who has kindly decided that Inuyasha.net had to be fucked up. He has used a backdoor of the script I ws using, and hasinflated the CPU of the server that hosted the site, so that the admins had to shut it down. They have forbidden to me to use that script anymore, and this is why I am going through all this hassle o changing the scripts. It's not something I wanted to do, otherwise it *would* have been gradual, and you all would have had plenty of time to save your work and move it to the new system by yourselves. Unfortunately, the forced situation I found myself into has forbidden to me any delay, and I couldn't provide this service even if I'd do that, if I could.
Monday, November 15th 2004 @ 03:51:01 AM (4269 days, 17h, 34min ago)

Posted by MOrbidly Obese Man:

I will be content just to get the site back, regardless of the circumstances.I can re-write any story if Need be, as long as I have a cool place to do.
Thursday, December 2nd 2004 @ 10:11:59 PM (4251 days, 23h, 13min ago)

Posted by Evan Mckinney:

well, i thik that since it is getting close to christmas we are all getting excited about the site and to be honest i would give up all the stuuf i am gettin just to have the site back now. but that would mean i would get no money to use to get something for my girlfriend. so i guess i'll just wait.
Wednesday, December 15th 2004 @ 05:41:03 AM (4239 days, 15h, 44min ago)

Posted by *Mukuro*:

I.n.U isn't back yet...... waaaaaaaa!!!!! I miss I.n.U..... I hope it comes back soon.
Monday, December 27th 2004 @ 08:27:06 AM (4227 days, 12h, 57min ago)

Posted by Evan Mckinney:

Well this sucks a big fat donky wang! the site isn't back. i hope it comes back soon.
Wednesday, December 29th 2004 @ 05:54:43 AM (4225 days, 15h, 30min ago)

Posted by o___OO____o:

Oi ppls. To Kagome or someone who helps run the site.
From what ppl are saying here it seems the site isn't back.(Which is what I also thought.),but my friend tells me it is and she went to it. So I was wondering if the url changed.
P.S.Please send me my fanfic. It was called Don't Wait, it May be too Late(Dreams) by inuyasha_fan_girl24 I can't remember if the 24 had an underspace before it or not, but I don't think it did. My email is inuyasha_4forever@yahoo.com. I'm willing to wait as long as you need, but I would appriciate them as soon as possible. Thanx! Good luck with the new site!
Thursday, December 30th 2004 @ 05:19:00 AM (4224 days, 16h, 6min ago)

Posted by *Mukuro*:

To o___OO____o :

I think your friend might have gotten the url's mixed up. The name of this site is www.inuyasha.net Maybe your friend went to another inuyasha site like inuyasha.com (the offical site, in japanese:( ...so not fair T_T ) , inuyasha.us, inuyasha.org, inuyasha.name, etc. What was the url that your friend typed in?
Thursday, December 30th 2004 @ 10:05:12 PM (4223 days, 23h, 19min ago)

Posted by Hari Seldon:

answer to *Mukuro* and Evan Mckinney:

Inuyasha No Uchi isn't back yet?Don't worry.It was only my little mistake with english language.
I ment:AROUND Christmas ( Christmas, more or less)

Now I have fixed this bulletin.
fuirther news very soon
Thursday, December 30th 2004 @ 11:33:06 PM (4223 days, 21h, 51min ago)

Posted by Hari Seldon:

answer to o___OO____o: :

no, I don't know anything about the site back.
Please tell your friend to check out *carefully* and then report to you.
(I think that ther was a mistake, as *Mukuro* thought too)

p.s. : Are you looking for your fanfictions (that were in the old site).
Good news to people like you, very soon.
Thursday, December 30th 2004 @ 11:37:56 PM (4223 days, 21h, 47min ago)

Posted by ** removed **:


note by HariSeldon: author name (if somone can even think that this was the name .... ) of this comment removed, due coarse language
Wednesday, February 23rd 2005 @ 12:45:13 AM (4169 days, 20h, 39min ago)

Posted by KougasgirlSuna:

Hello! I posted once before! I don't mind waiting or anything at all, the only thing I would trully like back is the story Marks. If that wouldn't be a problem, can you, the webmistress, send it to me? I don't mind waiting, I know you have a lot to do, so don't worry about it too much, but I really would like it back. :) My e-mail is Demonwolf_Suna@yahoo.com. My name on your site was KougasgirlSuna. Please reply, I check back often to see how the new developements are going! When you get the donation button up again, I wouldn't mind sending you some help either! Bai bai!!
Friday, February 25th 2005 @ 08:59:15 PM (4167 days, 0h, 25min ago)

Posted by Hari Seldon:

answer to KougasgirlSuna (Friday, February 25th 2005 @ 8:59 PM ) :

I'm HariSeldon, the (unworthy) administrator of this temporary site (this blog).

I'm sorry I didnn't answer to your first comment.

> I don't mind waiting or anything at all

Well, actually I mind it myself ... i hope that the site will be back soon.

> the only thing I would trully like
> back is the story Marks.

I think that it's a fanfiction of your.

Look at "Your fanfictions (and etc.) are recoverable" article at http://hariseldonwaiting.bravejournal.com/entry/7940

Before that happends,
I can not recover myself (HariSeldon -this temporary site) your fanfiction.

Maybe Kagome (the webmistress of Inuyasha no Uchi) can. Let me know if you are in VERY hurry, so I'll TRY to call Kagome's attention to the quick recover of your fanfiction.
(please note: I've written "TRY")
Saturday, February 26th 2005 @ 10:43:05 PM (4165 days, 22h, 41min ago)

Posted by o__OO__o:

I was reading through the replies on this blog again for about the hundreth time. I saw something about the Paypal donations button thingy-magig. Well I tried to use it a few times, but it would never work. A pop up appeared that said something that I don't remember. I just know it meant that it was unacessible. Because no one else has complained about this I may be the only person, or one of a few, who've had this problem, but I just wanted to let you know incase I'm not te only 1. Thanx! Plz tell Kagome good luck and we all miss the site!!!:)
Saturday, March 12th 2005 @ 02:05:02 AM (4152 days, 19h, 20min ago)

Posted by Hari Seldon:

I had that problem.

I've menaged it collecting money (even very few money) from a bouch of site's user when we met at a manga/anime/gadget fair (in Italy), and then I sent Kagome the ammount by postal order.
Saturday, March 12th 2005 @ 10:50:49 PM (4151 days, 22h, 34min ago)

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